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ESG - ConstruClick is committed to the three components: Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance. The nature of our business model contributes specially to the Social matter opening one more door to connect service providers to new customers - a big deal in times of so much unemployment.

My name is Luciano Vaccaro. I am the ConstruClick founder and manager. ConstruClick is the first Services Marketplace for Leads Generation and Dealing Website in Latin America.  My resume is available clicking in https://www.linkedin.com/in/luciano-vaccaro-943325142/?locale=en_US - ConstruClick similar startups spend millions of dollars purchasing media, growing up organic public, generating leads, creating large opt-in effective mailings and also using same mailings and media sources that their investment groups already own. As long as grow-up with no investment is no longer a real thing, I see three possibilities: A) merge with a competitor. The competitor could use ConstruClick as a lab, as a branch, or even shut it down and add the acquisition of the first leads generation website in Latin America to its company profile. Optionally I am also offering myself as employee according to my attached resume. There are no many available persons with my experience in this specific market; B) to be part of a new startup; C) partnership, BLOG affiliate program, leadshare and partnership for app downloads, SEO, TV programs, magazines.

Contact: Luciano Vaccaro - General Manager: Lvaccaro@construclick.com.br



Business model: services marketplace that generates and sells leads. Lead is a person purchase desire together with the personal contact (email / phone number). Free to whom wants to hire a service and sponsored by the service providers. Each lead contact access is limited up to 4 service providers in average. Most common advertising plans charge for each lead naming CPL as Cost-per-lead.

Market Growth: when ConstruClick started, about 20 years ago, people could not even understand our business model. ImproveNet was a small American website - unique generating and selling Home Improvement leads. 10 years ago other websites were born such as Habitissimo and GetNinjas. Today, these companies, driven by investment funds, have grown-up, some of them went public on the stock exchange, ImproveNet have been sold and merged many times, now their Holding owns some of the largest home improvemnt websites in Europe and America. Now, please, can you imagine how big is this market going to be 10 years in the future? In order to answer that, just guess what is the cheapest, easiest and most reliable way that a web connected human being can hire services? Now you got it.


Services groups (Data from similarweb.com in February 2021):

1) Home Improvement group: house maintenance, repair, design, decoration, remodel and construction.

More than 100 million visits in websites per month globally being 35% Desktop and 65% Mobile.

Main companies:

- ANGI Homeservices Inc: NASDAK Stock Market. More than 1.5 Bi USD year revenue. USA based. Websites in USA and Europe.

- Home Serve plc: London Stock Market. More than 1.1 Bi GPB year revenue. UK based. Websites in Europe, USA and Brazil.

- Houzz Inc: More than 500 mi USD year revenue. USA based. Websites in USA, Europe and several other countries.

Main websites – most visited order: houzz.com, homeadvisor.com, angieslist.com, thumbtack.com, mybuilder.com, porch.com, checkatrade.com, habitissimo.com.br, my-hammer.de, habitissimo.es, taskrabbit.com (IKEA), werkspot.nl, travaux.com, homify.com.br.

Main websites in Brazil – most visited order: habitissimo.com.br (Votorantim Cimentos, Tigre e Gerdau); homify.com.br; triider.com.br (Votorantim Cimentos, Tigre e Gerdau); construclick.com.br.

2) Computer Work group: services that can be sold and delivered via the Internet such as translation, programming, web design, writing, research, freelancers.

More than 100 million visits in websites per month globally with 60% of the visits belonging to only one website (fiverr.com) - being 80% Desktop and 20% Mobile.

Main companies:

- Fiverr: New York Stock Exchange. More than 180 Mi USD year revenue. USA based. Website translated to several languages and currencies including Portuguese and “Real (R$)”.

- Upwork (oDesk): NASDAK Stock Market. More than 300 Mi USD year revenue. USA based. Websites in USA, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

Main websites – most visited order: fiverr.com, upwork.com, freelancer.com, PeoplePerHour.com, guru.com.

Website in Brazil: fiverr.com.

3) All Services group: includes the two previous groups home improvement, computer work and more like technical assistance, student classes, automotive services, events, fashion and beauty, etc.

More than 5 million visits in websites per month globally - being 20% Desktop and 80% Mobile.

Main companies:

- GetNinjas: São Paulo Stock Market - BOVESPA. More than  R$ 60 mi year revenue. Brazil based. More than 330000 android App downloads in January 2021. Average of 240000 leads per month in Brazil. 41% paid visits x 59% organic visits in Brazilian website. Websites in Brazil and Mexico.

- CronoShare: Spain based. No App downloads registered at SimilarWeb. Average of 42000 leads per month in Brazilian website. 100% organic visits in Brazilian website. Websites in Brazil, Italy and Spain.

Main websites – most visited order: getninjas.com.br, cronoshare.com, cronoshare.com.br, cronoshare.it, getninjas.com.mx.

Main websites in Brazil – most visited order: getninjas.com.br, cronoshare.com.br.

State of Art - ConstruClick HISTORY - 18 years


2001 - Finding it out in US -  During the sales engineer graduate program in Wisconsin, USA, I read a magazine article about ImproveNet that later merged with ServiceMagic that later became HomeAdvisor and now merged with Angie´s List forming ANGI Homeservices, the World’s Home Improvement Leader. Since that day I started planning ConstruClick.

2003 - Founding in July 2003 in Real Parque São Paulo - I founded the company Home Improvement Brasil Informação e Tecnologia Ltda to own the website, the software patent and its brand names ConstruClick and Home Improvement Brasil. ConstruClick was chosen because it was an international name related to the core business working even for English and Spanish languages beyond Portuguese with available brand and domain names. Pioneer: ConstruClick is the first services marketplace for leads generation website in Latin America.

2004 - Developing in Germany - I had designed the website and was looking for a software engineer to build it. After failing twice in hiring a person and a company that could not deliver what was accorded I met the software company that is still responsible for the software until now. I have even spent 8 months in 2004 in Germany participating in a scholarship and taking care of ConstruClick in LAN houses after classes at night.

2005 - Starting in Real Parque with v.1 - Brown layout - ConstruClick was launched. First 2 architecture students trainees employed. Since the first operation day ConstruClick has been profitable, paying my salary and the trainees salaries as well. At that time we were the only website buying multiple services sponsored links in Brazil - that is why services ads used to cost so much less than product advertisements. It has always been free of payment to homeowners and sponsored by the service providers. At the beginning we used to charge a success fee over accorded services from the service providers and a short time later it became 100% prepaid advertising plans revenue. Partnership deal signed with Porto Seguro for banners exchange linking websites ConstruClick.com and CasaConsorcio.com.

2006 - Moving to Osasco SP - v.2 Yelow Layout - we moved to an office in Osasco SP, which was a two floor house, neighbor of a college that turned it easier to hire students as trainee workers. At that time we had already got some software improvements such as a few transactional automatic emails and ecommerce credit card beyond payment slip uploading the 2º version of the software with a nice yellow and brown layout designed by an outsourced service provider. Order notices used to be delivered to service providers through email and fax and invoices had to be printed in a matrix printer and sent by postal mail to customers. Partnership deal signed with C&C Casa e Construção in order to advertise cec.com.br in ConstruClick.com.br and through ConstruClick transactional emails.

2007 to 2008 - Learning, Designing and meeting partners in Vila Olímpia, São Paulo - v.3 Blue Layout - i-Equities was a privet equity company investing in websites startups. We agreed with an investment of R$ 69.000,00 (~ 13000.00 USD) with most part to be spent in Google sponsored links during 17 months for 60 % of the company sharing their office in Vila Olímpia São Paulo with other startup websites - there was a great opportunity to absorb expertise from so many people involved with websites business. At that time the ConstruClick software counted with employees to manually publish the leads and to active the service providers entry registering so as consequence we wanted to purchase more clicks from Google but we could not process more leads and more service providers registrations. So I designed what we use to call the "automatic software" that would be capable to automatically proceed and sell as many leads as we could get. Unfortunately the hired software provider took too many months developing the software until inform that they would deliver none of the software new features. Limited by the manual mechanism, ConstruClick could not grow-up at that time and i-Equities did not become partner. i-Equities no longer exists and left 3 major contributions to ConstruClick: SEO knowledge, email marketing knowledge and the leads day by day decreasing cost software algorithm idea. In 2007 we started receiving organic visits from Google that represented a smaller part of the whole site visitation however it was very significant to the profitably. Acquisition of the domain www.construclick.com allowing our logo renew and permanently redirecting construclick.com to construclick.com.br. Partnership deals for email marketing and banners exchange linking websites ConstruClick.com and IAB - Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil (iabsp.org.br); Site Engenharia (sitengenharia.com.br); CREA - Conselho Regional de Engenharia e Agronomia (accredited service providers mailing); HSM Maximailing; Allin Marketing Cloud.

2009 to 2012 - Growing up in Downtown, São Paulo - v.4 Automatic Software - I hired the same software company that launch the first version v.1 that are still with us untill now. Transforming my design in computer language, they took more than a year developing the version 4 and all my algorithms that beyond the automatic mechanism that allows the site to proceed as many visits as it gets, the software counted with many improvements for the service providers in order to maximize the index revenue/visit offering them 4 prepaid advertising plans, an certificate of authenticity stamp, an online profile, an anchor system to respond every lead with at least one service provider contact, more transactional e-mails to fulfill all steps of the information flow, a progressive discount scale and progressive interest-free installment e-commerce to incentive service providers to by larger advertising plans, a most complete list of service categories, a better rating system. All software features can be controlled through the online administration page including new categories entry, leads forms specific information depending on each category, each category pricing, each category term that determines how long takes each category to decrease its price day by day until zero, Brazil state by state price entry factor, anchor system control, SEO tags edition for each section of the site and so. Finally, in 2010, with the automatic software implemented, adjusted and operating I could by a larger amount of sponsored links and see the revenue increasing. 14 employees passed through the office at that time being 9 trainees in office + 4 trainees in home office + myself working in a increasing and profitable company. Our team main duties use to be: content writing in main site and blogs creation for SEO matters, backlinks posts for SEO, costumer support via e-mail and active/receptive phone calls, service providers prospection, invoices issuance. Some reporters had published articles about ConstruClick in important news papers and magazines such as "O Estado de São Paulo (Estadão)", "Jornal Folha de São Paulo", "Revista Arquitetura e Construção / Editora Abril", "Revista Construir / Editora Casa Dois". Partnership deal signed with Buscapé / BondFaro for the ConstruClick Shopping that worked between 2010 and 2017 comparing prices of home remodeling products and tools in a subdomain of ConstruClick. Partnership for banners exchange linking websites ConstruClick.com and Feiccad (feiccad.com.br).

2013 - Decreasing - Competitors Habitissimo and GetNinjas had recently begun their operation in Brazil overtaking ConstruClick purchase of Google sponsored links. Services categories sponsored links prices started increasing. Google had recently opened a commercial office in São Paulo and then we could talk to real persons beyond their online tools. I asked Google for help, their consulting person together with me had targeted goals such as increase the number of clicks, reduce the CPC (cost per click) and reduce the conversion cost (R$/lead). Then I selected a ConstruClick employee to attend full time to the Google consulting person instructions on how to improve our campaigns in order to achieve the goals; however each month passed we could realize opposite results instead of those planed goals: conversion cost and CPC getting higher while the number of clicks were decreasing. Larges amounts of investment capital were the differencial - there was no way to compete with Habitissimo and GetNinjas with no investment groups support behind us. At the end of 2013 I had already fired most of our employees.

2014 to 2016 - Email marketing in Real Parque, São Paulo - as Google sponsored links cost kept getting higher, less clicks we could afford. Even working hard in SEO, organic visits were proportional to our Google sponsored links budget. The less we paid to Google the less organic visits we got too. I was looking for other media sources trying UOL, Bing, Facebook, etc. but only to few leads for a feasible cost were added. Email marketing was the only alternative media that has brought profit, so suddenly the company focus turned to increase the e-mail marketing campaigns. We developed an opt-out system where we can generate campaign tags and register every single e-mail that opted to be excluded from that specific campaign tag. 3% of the opened emails became visits and 6% of the visits became leads. Mailings did not need to be segmented; no matter if the email owner is man or woman, old or young, everyone is a possible ConstruClick leads requester. I started purchasing mailings that were supposed to come from persons who had opted to receive email marketing (opt-in) increasing our mailing destinations to more than one million emails, however the email tool providers such as Amazon SES, OnGage, Mandrill, SendGrid, SendinBlue, Turbo SMTP were crashing all the time due to spam lists and spam traps forcing us to give up email marketing too. Software important improvements: Invoices software developed allowing CostruClick to send Invoices automatically - before that each invoice had to be manually generated; Bounce Software developed allowing users to automatically replace their registered e-mails whenever their status becomes bounced or complained, also allowing us to update all or a group of registered emails status at once regardless of registration status. Automatic cancelation option allowing users to immediately inactive or reactive their registrations. Support system integrated with FAQ reducing most part of manual support work.

2017 to 2020 - standby - thanks to the flexibility of the software, ConstruClick could work with very few leads per month as fine as it can do with thousands of leads per day. ConstruClick has being in "stand-by" living from the few organic leads it gets.

2021 - After 18 years ConstruClick has interrupted its pre-screened service providers search engine due to low visitation flow at the website.


What ConstruClick has to offer?

Everything related to the service provider, website, algorithm and software for the service provider's side, ready and tested. It performed wonderfully in attracting service providers, keeping them and obtaining best results in revenue/lead, revenue/buyer, recurring buyers, number of advertising plans sales/lead, number of advertising plan sales/number of registered service providers, satisfaction of the service providers and satisfaction of the homeowners. LVT - Life Time Value.

What is missing for ConstruClick to grow?


Where are the leads?

App downloads (we do not have an App yet), Mobile Website (we do not have a Mobile Website yet), Organic Media (still so much to be done), SEO (still so much to be done), Money (we did not have receive investment yet), BLOG Affiliate Program, Leadshare and PartnershipsQuality Guaranteed Insurance.


Contact: Luciano Vaccaro - General Manager: Lvaccaro@construclick.com.br




FEICCAD: Feira do Imóvel, Construção, Condomínios, Arquitetura e Decoração IAB SP Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil Casa & Construção SiteEngenharia CREA - Conselho Regional de Engenharia, Arquitetura e Agronomia Pesquisa de custos de material de construção Comparação de preços de material de construção

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